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Hair Talk .

I am so happy that the build up is gone. I'm hoping that my products would finally be able to penetrate my hair shafts. Before I had clarified I was trying to cowash my hair which didn't work out. But now that the build up has been removed I'm looking forward to cowashing my hair again. I have always cowashed my hair. Seriously cowashing is what help me reach the length I am and I can't forget my buns. I love to cowash I swear by them.

I'm planning to keep a sulfate shampoo in my regimen because since Lo-Po hair can get build up quickly I want to thoroughly clean my scalp. Since I had removed my weave I was only using a sulfate free shampoo. I also feel that a sulfate shampoo would be needed since I am on the JBCO challenge and that oil is pretty thick and can possibly clog my hair pores a sulfate shampoo would be needed.

I am also thinking about looking into cone free products (If possible). I just want to avoid anything that would cause my hair to get any build…

Wash Day

My wash day had been a successful one. I haven't had these results in the longest time! Clarifying my hair definitely made a big difference let me tell you, lol.

I Prepoo my hair with my JBCO for 20 minutes without heat and then 30 minutes with heatI then rinsed out the oil and proceeded to clarifying my hair. I had used ORS Aloe Shampoo, I had a packet so why not. (It felt great) I was massaging the shampoo in my scalp really good and smoothing the length of my hair with the shampoo. I was washing my hair with the shampoo for at least 2 minutes it felt like lol, seriously thou. That build needed to go!I then rinsed the shampoo out and followed up with my Herbal Essence Honey I'm Strong. That's when it hit me! I was able to feel my hair soften up so quickly and detangling went pretty good. Definitely better then before. But once my hair had soften up I was just amazed. Just a few days ago I was complaining about how my beloved HE weren't working anymore. But lets see if…

Hair Update l Unbearable Breakage

I have been having the hardest time with my hair lately. Every time I wash it there is always a end result of a ton of breakage. I don't know if its because my hair needs more moisture or protein. I had done a protein treatment last week that turned out horrible. Okay so I know that I am protein sensitive and have low porosity but I just felt that my hair needed protein badly. I haven't done a protein treatment in months! So I thought that this was what my hair needed. I went out that day and I had purchased the ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I didn't know if this was consider a medium or light protein, still not sure but that's what I had used. I applied it to my hair exactly the way the bottle had said to do it, 15 minutes with heat. Went in the shower rinsed came out with rough hair not to rough but it felt brittle. I then deep condition with my HE Hello Hydration for 30 mins without heat. Rinsed out the conditioner and nothing. My hair was not even close to feeling soft, moi…

Hair Wish List

 1. Be Mine Beeutiful Deep Conditioner  I really want to give this deep conditioner a try it does contain some great ingredients as well. The price is pretty high though $28.97. But I hope that curl mart would have a promotion soon so I can order this. 2. Silk Dream Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream Deep Conditioner Another Deep Conditioner that I am interested in buying soon. After reading about this from my fellow bloggers JustGrowAlready & Loving MY Hair (click link for their review) I really want to try it out especially since I am protein sensitive and reading on Loving My Hair review pretty much sold me since she as well has protein sensitive hair. 3. Hair Therapy Wrap Since I do have low porosity hair and learning that heat helps the hair absorb product well. I decided that this would be a great buy. I wont have to be stuck sitting under my dryer for 30mins or longer. With this I can move around and be free lol 4. T-shirt Hair Chart Self Explanatory 5. Aunt Jackie Hair Line I…

JBCO Challenge

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is probably one of many best known and used oils. I had wonder about this oil for quite some time now and decided to look into the benefits that I can receive other then what I have already heard about. I have came across this article on BeautifulNaps talking about the benefits of the oil. Here are the benefits that come with the use of this oil:

• Prevents dry scalp
• Promotes hair growth
• Prevents breakage
• Helps with alopecia
• Increases blood circulation in scalp
• Strengthens hair follicle
• Prevents dandruff and itchy scalp
• Thickens hair

I had heard so people talk about how their hair has grown from this oil and not only that but thicken the hair (Something I definitely need). So I decided to put myself to the challenge and use this oil for 3 months. At first I was looking for a group that was doing the challenge as well but they were all closed off or done. Until I seen a challenge on Hairlista called Round 2 Castor Oil Challenge. Now I can do it…

Time To Create My Regimen

It's time that I create a regimen. I want it to be simple but effective of course. Through out my journey I went off what my hair needed which really help me but this time I need a guide. Thats what I believe a regimen is for to help you through your journey until you get the hang of things and fully understand your hair. Idk thats my opinion but anyway, I'm going to address my problem areas first so I can have an idea on how I can create my regimen.

1. Dryness - I have very dry hair especially towards my ends. So I know that I need to incorporate moisture of course. I've also learned that I have low porosity hair. As I'm doing my research on low porosity I know that putting in moisture into lo-po hair would be a challenge. 

2. Breakage - My hair is breaking but not really bad but to a point that it needs to be corrected.

3. Thin Hair - I want to thicken up my hair being that it has gotten so thin from the weave.

4. Lastly having low porosity hair. Like I said in my …

Current Hair Length After Sew In

As I compared this picture to all my previous pictures I am learning that my hair does not change lengths it's always by BSL. In this current picture my hair doesn't look as thin but trust me it is. I can feel the difference between my hair now and before. Lol I don't know why my arms always look buff or something lol.

Hair Weave Removal Horror !

I don't even know where to begin. But I know that I am done with weaves. I took my weave out yesterday and it was not hard to do. The hard part was the detangling! I have never had a hard time when it came to detangling my hair but this time was the worst! My hair was so matted it made it difficult I didn't know what to do. I know that having your hair braided for a long period of time would cause the hair to have an excessive amount of shedding when you take it apart. But this shedding was ridiculous. I am not use to this nor do I know when the shedding is really breakage. I felt like my hair was just coming apart. I used only my fingers to remove any knots or tangles, I was to scared to use anything else.

By the way once I had removed the weave I had apply warm grape seed oil mixed with evoo to the braids so it can be easier to take apart.

Once the braids were taken apart I thought okay this is what the shedding is I'm okay don't freak out. Once I got in the shower…

Weave Update and Mini Hair Haul

After washing my hair the first time I had realized that the female that braided my hair didn't technically braid up my entire head. I didn't think that would cause a problem until I started thinking "well I bought this weave as a protective style to protect my natural hair from any harm". So I stood away from the flat iron which was not hard to do. Until I realized that this hair tangles up so much and sheds so much I started getting nervous. What if my natural hair is getting tangled up with the weave and some of my natural hair falling out as well when I would detangle my hair. So much hair would just come out the comb and be all over my sink I couldn't really tell if it was the weave coming out or if it was my hair getting pulled out.

So being that I was getting nervous about it I decided that the weave needed to come out. (Already out would make a post very soon). I'm so upset that she braided my hair that way when I had told her at least a dozen times t…