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DC On Dry Hair ‘ 1st Time .

Today was my first time I ever deep condition on dry hair. I decided to give it a try because I didn’t feel like hopping in and out the shower today. I really didn’t see a difference between doing it on either wet or dry. I am going to try again to see if there is, I did like that I didn’t have to jump in and out the shower. I also added garlic powder to my deep conditioner because I learned that its suppose to help with shedding and breakage. It was my first time adding it so I know I’m not going to see any results until maybe the 5 or 6th try; I don’t know. But that stuff STINKS! I left the deep conditioner on for 45 minutes I tried to go longer but I couldn’t stand the smell of it. I had also learned that the garlic smell stays in your hair for a week but that didn’t happen to me don’t know why. I shampoo with HE drama clean maybe that’s the reason. ( I decided to used that cause I didn’t want the smell to last, which beat the purpose of the dc. At least I think so) If your curious…

My Curls ;

Lately my curls have been looking Beautiful! I have finally found something that gives me great curl definition, adds softness and almost there shine. Here is what I been doing:On my wash and co-wash days I will follow my routine but just skip out on air drying and M&S. After washing my hair I would then part it into either two or three sections and spray in my Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea spray. Then I will spray in my S-curl into my hand and then apply it to my hair. For each one I will only use two sprays on each section. After that I will use my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. When all done I will braid my hair and put in my silk scarf. By morning my hair isn’t completely dry but not damp either. I will unravel the braid, style and it will then air dry into beautiful curls. Here a picture(Hope You Can See What I’m Saying) :

Hair Thought’s ;

Since I had introduced my hair to Aphogee products which were the 2 Minute Reconstructor & Keratin & Green Tea Spray, my hair has seen a great decrease in hair breakage. I have been suffering from sever hair breakage for so long that seeing less hair in the comb, on the floor and around the sink just feels so great. All my hair needed was some protein and I’m glad I finally figure it out. I’m going to alternate between protein and moisture so that my hair can be balanced out, but I’m going to give it a large amount of protein since I never gave it protein before. But going to be careful with it so that I won’t go into protein overload. Lately I been thinking about straightening my hair but I’m against putting any hit on my hair for this whole month. I like my curly hair but I prefer my straight hair better. I know getting a relaxer will turn out great for me because I like the bone straight hair and I can achieve those results with a relaxer compared to my natural hair which I…