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April Goals Rundown & May Goals

1. Perfect a Twist/Braid Out - Almost There
I tried different products for achieving a defined twist out some days were good others were bad. I learned that I can get a really good twist out on second day hair & I did retwist my hair nightly cause doing the pineapple method did not work.. Using Grapeseed Oil & water is my favorite combination to get a almost perfect twist out. Also allowing the hair to dry before putting it up in my bonnet. If I don't I would wake up with bent looking twist which always ruins the look of my braid outs..

2. Baggy 2x Week
I baggy 2x a week the first week the second week once and after that stop. I noticed that bagging my ends made them really soft and moisturized. I've added this to my regimen because it gave me great results. But instead of twice I just do it once a week with Grapeseed oil.

3. JBCO has been done everyday to every other day but it was done

4. Stay Away From Protein
For this entire month I had stood away from protein. I …

Wash Day

I enjoyed my wash day today it went great and I didn't have a lot of breakage, surprisingly . Lets not get ahead of my self though.

1. Hot oil treatment with JBCO on my scalp and grapeseed oil along the lengths of my hair for 30 minutes exactly with heat
2. Then shampoo my hair with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo
3. Condition with HE Honey I'm Strong
4. Followed up with my Bee Mine Beautiful Deep Conditioner for 30 with heats and 25 without
5. Apply leaves in
6. Style in twist

When I had condition my hair with the HE my hair didn't react very well to it. I know it's not a protein conditioner but I don't know what it is that it doesn't give my hair any slip or moisture. I'm about to stop using this brand as a rinse out conditioner it does nothing, but it does make my "new growth" feel great (different topic)

Next part was deep conditioning my hair and omg you wouldn't even believe what had happen! Once I was done applying the deep condi…

Hair Regimen

So I have notice a continuous pattern when I do my hair on a weekly basis. Its become simple and easy to follow and now its my regimen.

Sunday Or Monday Wash Day (Co wash 1-2x a Week) Thoroughly Finger Comb My Hair Hot Oil Treatment 15-30 Minutes w/ HeatShampoo with Sulfate Free ShampooDeep Condition 30 Minutes w/ HeatRinse & T-shirt Dry 10 MinutesApply Leave In's Style Weekly Maintenance Apply to Scalp 3x Week (JBCO) [Every night for challenge] Sleep w/ Satin Bonnet Every Night Moisturize & Seal Every Other Night Baggy Ends 1-2x weekly Monthly Maintenance Clarify 1x MonthLight Protein Treatment When Needed. Products Currently Using:

1. Clarifying Shampoo - ORS Aloe Shampoo
2. Shampoo - Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo
3. Conditioners - HE Hello Hydration
4. Deep Conditioners - Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair & Bee Mine Beautiful
5. Leave In's - Aussie Spilt End Mender
6. Styler's - Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Custard and Grape seed Oil
7. Oils - JBCO &…

April Hair Goals

So I have been inspired by Jen from Justgrowalready to make a monthly hair goals. I might not make them every month but when I do I would be sure to post it. My goals are simple and easy to follow.

1. Perfect a braid/twist out! Reason why I am constantly bunning is because the results of braid/twist out are never "wearable". They just come out weird & stringy like. My grape seed oils has helped a lot but they still have that limp look!

2. Baggy 2x a week. I tend to have drier ends then the rest of my hair so bagging my ends would make them stay moisturized. Also doing it twice a week can keep me away from moisture overload.

3. Continue with my JBCO every other day as I been doing. (Thinking about everyday)

4. Stay away from protein ! Might use it once this month but other then that I'm strictly looking into moisturizing products