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Weave Update and Mini Hair Haul

After washing my hair the first time I had realized that the female that braided my hair didn't technically braid up my entire head. I didn't think that would cause a problem until I started thinking "well I bought this weave as a protective style to protect my natural hair from any harm". So I stood away from the flat iron which was not hard to do. Until I realized that this hair tangles up so much and sheds so much I started getting nervous. What if my natural hair is getting tangled up with the weave and some of my natural hair falling out as well when I would detangle my hair. So much hair would just come out the comb and be all over my sink I couldn't really tell if it was the weave coming out or if it was my hair getting pulled out.

So being that I was getting nervous about it I decided that the weave needed to come out. (Already out would make a post very soon). I'm so upset that she braided my hair that way when I had told her at least a dozen times that I don't want any hair left out. "I don't want no hair out except the parts that would cover the tracks" and "I want the hair that's left out braided up". Well I have been missing my natural hair anyway so can't wait to get the weave out. I decided to go out and buy some new hair products for the day I remove the weave. Can't wait to try them out.

Target was having a buy one get another half off so I thought it was the perfect time to try these products 

At Bed Bath & Beyond I got both conditioners and the leave in for $2.99


  1. This is quite an experience for you. Having a weave in our hair supposed to make us more attractive, not to damage our hair. Good thing you took notice and immediately resolve it. Anyway it's been months, how's your hair now? This is a great reminder for all the readers to choose a trusted stylist before going to a treatment. Thanks for sharing. #Wilma_Parker @


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