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Hair Update

I did gain some length from my sew in I do not have a before photo which upsets me but I know I was at Bra strap (When I say Bra Strap, I mean exactly on it. Others refer to it as just hitting bra strap). I also had gotten a mini trim before the install. I am now past bra strap so I gained about an inch of growth or so, which is awesome! But now I am scared of getting spilt ends! I am a victim of always getting bad split ends & I DO NOT use heat on a weekly or daily basis. I feel that my split ends happen because my hair is always rubbing on my clothes. I constantly do protective styles which are usually braids outs and even though it is a protective style my ends are still exposed. I would do buns again but I feel that buns have caused some damaged to my crown area. My crown area is my problem area and I feel it was because of buns.

I'm sort of stuck on what protective style to do next. I am thinking about doing another sew in but I am not 100% sure if I want to. I did have a…

Sew-In Take Down

I had a SUCCESSFUL take down !!! Compared to my last take down which was a complete horror story. I did not experience NO matting and NO breakage! I took my sew in down on a Saturday so this is a bit late.  Here how my take down went about:

[1] With the help of someone I had the sew in removed
[2] I then applied a hot oil treatment onto the braids (this will help to unravel the braids easily) Oil is the key to taking down the braids ! It went smoothly 
[3] I then unravel and finger detangled to remove all the shed hair one braid at a time. A lot of shed hair was removed which was expected. I also followed up with a wide tooth comb to make sure it is fully detangled 
[4] Once I got to my last braid my entire head was fully detangled and all shed hair was removed. I shampoo with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo.
[5] Followed with Herbal Essence Conditioner that made my hair even more easier to detangled. 
[6] Deep condition with Aussie 3x Moist with heat for 35 minutes 
[7] I applied Cre…