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For Now Regimen ;

Sunday - Wash DaysShampooApply Aphogee 2 MinuteDeep condition for hour with conditioner mixed with oilsApply leaves insAir dry 75 %Moisturize & Seal, Then TwistOil Scalp with EvooTuesday & Thursday - Cowash DaysCowashDeep Condition for 35-45minsApply Leave InsAir Dry 75%Oil Scalp with EvooMoisturize & Seal, Then TwistExtras:M&S 2x A DayClarify 1x MonthHeavy Protein when neededProducts I UseShampoo - Neutrogena Triple MoistureConditioner - Aphogee 2 Min (Use Every Other Week)Cowash- HE Totally Twisted mixed with honeyDeep Conditioner - Neutrogena Triple Moisture & Giovanni Smooth As Silk mixed with oilsLeave Ins - Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Leave In, S-curl & Organix Coconut Milk SerumMoisturizer - Soft Sheen Carson Green Tea & Shea ButterOils - Evoo, Evco, Argan Oil

Todays The Day

Today I’m going to be coloring my hair BUT with a different color then I was planning to. Which you seen in the pervious post. I’m going to be coloring my hair honey blonde. I know a big jump from my pervious color. I was convinced to do this. I never done this color before or ever had a thought about it. I had done a full copper color which was similar to this color but with slight red undertones in it and it came out pretty nice. What I’m nervous about is if this color will damage my hair, yeah I know that anything with chemicals will damage your hair. What I mean is I had read just a few maybe like 3 ladies talk about how they had seen serious damaged from using a color that was as light as this. I don’t know I just think if I take care of my hair properly then everything will go good. I believe that you can have healthy color treated hair when you know how to take care of it. I’m also nervous that my hair won’t pick up the color being that its so light and the color I have now is …


I am not on a regimen. I’m just doing what I feel my hair needs until I come up with a regimen that I can follow. Today I decided to do a co-wash no particular reason just felt like it.
Products Used :

Conditioner – Tresemme Anti-Breakage mixed with Honey

Leave In’s – Organix Coconut Milk, Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin Spray and HE LTR

Results : My hair felt pretty good, it had a decent amount of slip and detangling was a breeze. I think I’m going to start adding honey to my co-wash. I never done it before and I like how my hair felt with it. Plus I learned that honey is a natural humectant which will attract and hold on to the water molcules.  My hair is in a damp bun so that it can air dry. When my hair is at least 75% dry I will M&S and do a twist out.

Hair Thought’s

Two things that have been on my mind a lot lately and that’s fixing my hair color and getting a relaxer. Lets start with my hair color. I dislike the color that I have. In the sun and when taking pictures with the flash my hair is this burgundy color that just doesn’t compliment my skin tone. When I went to the salon I was expecting to come out with a nice light brown but no I ended up getting this color. I don’t know what I should do, I don’t want to recolor my hair but I don’t want to grow the color out either. I know if I do grow out the color then its going to me noticeable from my real hair color to my hair dye color. Ugh just stuck ! I’m 50/50 with both ways. If I do decide to just recolor then I’m going to re color it either colors that are shown on top. They do look alike when put next to each other which I just had notice. I know that I need to come to a decision quick. As for relaxing my hair I’m most definitely going to be doing that by ending of summer or early fall.…

Am I Protein Sensitive ?

I had recently purchased Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor and The Keratin & Green Tea leave in. I felt that my hair was in desperate need of some protein being that it was breaking a lot and because I thought my hair was going through moisture overload. Every time I washed it, my hair will feel way to mushy and soft. So today I decided to try the products and my results weren’t so good. This is what I did :
Shampoo with my Neutrogena Triple Moisture & then condition with the Aphogee conditioner. On the bottle it says to either leave it on for 2 or 5 minutes. I don’t know how long I left it in being that I was in the shower, but I do know that I didn’t leave in on for long because I didn’t know the time and I was to nervous having this product in my hair. I want to say it had to be at least 4 minutes that it was in my hair. Once I rinsed it out my hair felt AMAZING! My hair felt so strong and thick. I was just blown away at how good my hair felt. Usually my hair feels like mush an…

My Fresh Beginning .

My journey officially began on July 11, 2011. I went to the salon to get all my split ends cut off. I knew that I had split ends but I’m pretty sure that they weren’t that bad. I think the stylist got a bit to happy with her scissor and cut a large amount of hair that wasn’t damaged. But I’m pretty happy with my cut because I know that its hair and it would grow back, plus because I can start my journey fresh. This is my current length as u can see on the left. The picture that says my goal is where my hair was before I got my hair cut and its now my goal. I’m going to start this journey off right. I’m still trying to put together a regimen that I can follow and hopefully its very simple.

Hair Goals.

Decrease hair breakage Limit the use of heat Maintain my ends Achieve full shoulder length, then get full BSL by my b-dayHave shiny hairUnderstand and embrace my natural hair (for the period of time that I am going to be natural)Find products that work for my hair & STICK TO THEM !Grow out my bangs Learn to self trim (most difficult) As you can see I have plenty of goals that I want to accomplish. I know that I can probably achieve maybe three within the next three months. Hopefully ! But I know with dedication it can be possible. Bella

Starting My Journey . .

I decided to get on a hair journey because I was tired of going to the salon to get my hair done. Also because I started to realize how damaged my hair really is. I was getting tired of the constant breakage that I was getting and was wondering why my hair doesn’t grow pass my bra strap. I didn’t treat my hair the best. I flat ironed my hair DAILY, I used to color my hair twice in just one week, I didn’t wash my hair for long period of times. I basically neglected my hair. One day I so happen to come across a site called and ever since then I been more on top of taken better care of my hair. Today 07/11/11 marks the day that I officially start my journey. I went to a salon today to get all my split ends cut so that I can start fresh, plus my flat ironed had burned out on me so I know I’m not going to be using heat for the rest of the summer which is a great thing :). I think that my flat iron burning out was a sign for me to start my journey already and be mo…