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Wash Day

1. I started off with using my Shea Moisture Sulfate Shampoo. I have been moisturizing and sealing my hair all week and just needed to wash it all off.

2. I then followed up with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Conditioner on the lengths of my hair so that it can help me detangled my hair. This conditioner smells sooo good. It lingers for awhile but does go away rather quickly.

3. Once I rinsed out the conditioner I had squeezed out any excess water. I decided to do that so my deep conditioner can absorb better in my hair, I was using the Its's a 10. As I started to apply the d/c I started at my roots and this stuff just melted away my tangled roots. I was surprised I really was not expecting much from this even though it is a higher end deep conditioner. I was able to run my fingers through my roots, that how detangled my roots got from the product. I had put on my heating cap and left it on for 30 minutes only. Once I rinsed out the d/c my hair felt really soft, some what moistur…

Got a Hair Trimmed & Mini Haul.

It has been over a month or two since I had posted anything no excuses here just was busy with my new semester. Worst schedule by the way. I attend class 6 days a week ! It is crazy hectic and I don't know why I pick my classes that way but I will manage .

I finally got my hair trimmed ! My last trim was a very long time ago. I wanted to take a before and after picture of my hair but literally my hair didn't show a difference in length then my last length check. I had notice many split ends in my hair and I was ready to just get rid of them all. On top of that I really wanted to go short like really short, but I chicken out. Maybe I will someday I been really inspired to go shoulder length. I have seen ladies that have this short curly hair that is just beautiful and that's what I want.  My current length is no longer past bra strap I am around past armpit ? Picture below, so it was a big trim. I'm planning to go back in two months or sooner to get another inch taken o…