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Wash Day

1. Clarified with Suave Clarifying Shampoo
2. Shampoo with Nexxus Pro Mend Shampoo
3. Condition with Nexxus Humectress
4. Deep Condition with Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Masque
5. Apply Leaves In's (Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea and Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine)
6. Roller set/ Flatiron

This wash day wasn't the best starting with the conditioner. I heard so many good things about this conditioner so I gave it a try. This wasn't that great on my hair it moisturized but made my hair fall out so easily. My hair was just coming out excessively and I haven't even had that much "breakage" in awhile even when I use my HE Color Me Happy Conditioner when I had co washed I didn't get any "breakage". I don't understand where that came from. But The shampoo was pretty good didn't strip my hair and it felt moisturized. As for the deep conditioner it made my hair feel amazing once again. It was moisturized & easy to detangle. But when I applied th…

Update #5 l Protein Problems !

My hair does NOT like protein at all! My last wash day I decided to use the Aphogee 2 minutes and left it in my hair for 5 minutes which is the max. Once it was rinsed out my hair did feel strong but was kind of rough. I used a moisturizing deep conditioner right after and when I rinsed that out my hair felt hard! It was horrible. It was difficult to detangle and just didn't feel any where close to moisturized. So for my recent wash day, which was yesterday, I decided to use a protein leave in instead hoping maybe it would turn out better. But NO! My hair felt hard again and rough. My hair just doesn't want any protein and it needs it being that it is color treated. I'm trying to figure out what I can use that is protein and my hair wouldn't react so horribly. Maybe it's just the Aphogee hair line because I do know that once your hair gets back into shape you are suppose to no longer use Aphogee products, correct me if I am wrong though. Anyway I'm going to sta…

Protective Styling + Update # 4

At a point I thought that doing protective styles wouldn't help me achieve any length but boy was I wrong. During the spring I was doing protective styles like my life depended on it. I decided to give it a try to see why everyone would say protective styling is the best way to retain length . The main protective style that I was doing was buns. They were my go to everyday hair style and I began to love the look. At the time I wasn't thinking about length I was more concern with the health of my hair. Meaning my buns were usually curly buns done on freshly co wash hair or even old braid outs. Through out my life I can't recall a time were my hair was below my bra strap and now it finally is. All the credit goes to  my protective styling and not using heat all summer. So ladies I recommend to do protective styling as often as you can especially buns. .

My plans for the fall is to hopefully have healthy ends by the time the winter comes in. I'm planning to get my trim by…

Wash Day/Rollerset Take 2

1. Pre-pooed with extra virgin olive oil for 25 mintues
2. Shampooed with TresSemme Spilt End Shampoo
3. Applied Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor
4. Condition with TresSemme Spilt End Conditioner
5. Deep Condition with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask
6. Applied Leave In's ( Garnier Fructis Serum & Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In )
7. Rollerset & Flat Iron

Wash Day/Rollerset (July 30th)

This wash day was actual a really good one. I love the results I had received and fell in love with a new product. The rollersetting part was a bit stressful but I kept telling myself that this is only my second time so relax. I grew some patience towards the end and even though my rollerset look horrible my hair still came out great. I also decided to flat iron my roots being that they were frizzy. Didn’t take a picture of how it look when it came out but I did take pictures of my rollers and end results.