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Mini Ulta Haul && Hair Update .

I know I haven’t blog for literally an entire month and I do miss blogging. I had decided to enroll myself into a summer class which was very hectic and I needed to focus being that the class was only for a month and a half and it was going by quick. But anywhoo, my hair has been doing GREAT! I been cowashing frequently and do a light protein when ever I feel my hair needs it. I also been doing a lot of braid outs which are my go to summer style. My roots are starting to show a lot and I’m unsure what I’m going to do with them. I’m debating between a root touch up or dying my hair a light brown, I don’t know though. I’m planning to do a roller set tomorrow so I would for sure post my wash day/rollerset being that it would be my second rollerset and I’m planning to challenge myself in the fall with weekly rollersetting, but that’s a different topic. The other day I was able to go to Ulta for my very first time and I didn’t pick up a lot of things just a few mini’s. I’ve been really loo…