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Wash Day | Extension Take Down

[1] Once the extensions were all removed I left the hair in the braids and applied my oils. I applied grapeseed oil and jojoba oil thoroughly on the braids. I decided to leave this on for 30 minutes so that it can loosen the braids and help with the detangling process. [2] While the oil was in my hair I began to detangled after the 30 mins. Detangling was fairly in between. It took me 3 hours to detangled and get all the shed hairs out. I had a lot of shed hairs, a big handful of hair maybe even more since I did not accurately measure it.
[3] I then followed up with ORS Aloe Shampoo. I shampooed in four sections and directly on my scalp. It felt pretty good to be honest to wash my hair properly.  [4] I decided to do a light protein treatment. The ORS Replenishing Pak, I left it on for about 10 minutes while in the shower. So no heat was used. My hair felt pretty strong but a bit hard so I decided to use my Aussie conditioner. This helped to loosen the "stiffness".  [5] Followed …

Final Update | Lola's Hair Extensions

So I had my Lola's hair extensions installed for now a little longer then expected. Take down is this week and to be honest I am nervous. But that is for another post. Here my review of what I think on this hair.
Here is a brief stats of the hair:

Purchased - Lola's Hair 
Extensions - Malaysian Body Wave
Lengths - 16 inch & 18 inch
Price - $165 which I purchased myself 

PRO'S Holds Curl's -  had spoke on how it was difficult to blend my natural hair to the curl pattern of the extensions. I decided to stop straighten the hair as well as mines and just curl my hair with a curling wand. By me doing that my hair blended a lot better with the extensions. The extension never dropped there curls. I decided to now use flexi rods to persevere my curls. Days that I did not use a flexi rod at night I still woke up to nice loose waves. 
Never lost it's Luster - The hair has a very lustrous look to it which is what made it hard to blend.

Softness- The hair is still relativel…

Wash Day

1. Prepoo scalp & leave out with a combination of jojoba oil & grapeseed oil. 
2. Shampooed the leave out with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo. I am starting to run low on this & being it isn't a ultimate favorite I am going to look into other sulfate free shampoo's. Any suggestion?
3. I rinsed out the oil and shampoo. I did not apply any shampoo to my scalp instead in a applicator bottle I used the As I Am Coconut Cowash and massaged that in. 
4. Left the Cowash in for a few minutes then rinsed it out to put in my deep conditioner. 
5. I used the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle with the same oils and applied that to my scalp. Also on my leave out. 
6. Now I started to work on the extensions. I Cowash with Herbal Essence conditioner because I love the scent. Rinsing that out I followed up with the deep conditioner which was also the Aussie 3 Minute. 
7. I wrapped my hair and placed a plastic wrap over it. Used my Hair Therapy Wrap to do a heated deep conditioning session. I deci…

Tag - It's My Hair

I saw this post on Dessyluvs and decided to do it. I was not tagged but I wanted to do it anyway. It is fun to answer these questions and also give you ladies more insight on my journey.

1. Why did you start your hair journey ?
I started my hair journey from being inspired from the first hair youtube video I saw. It was from Ulovemegz and although she was relaxed I enjoyed learning about how she took care of her hair. After watching a few videos I started wondering about my natural hair. I was about 17 and all I knew was using a flat iron. I then came across a site that she mentioned called Hairlista which peak my interest. From there I started

2. How long have you been on your hair journey ?
I been on my hair journey for going on 3 years now in August. I had setbacks and laziness which had put a halt to my journey progress. I still consider myself still a newbie in all this.

3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning ?
I am natural and do not plan to change it.

4. What is your hair len…