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Breakage; UGH!

I’m trying to figure out what to do to combat this breakage that I have. I really want to just use protein based products but I’m nervous to get protein overload. I try to keep a protein/moisture balanced regimen but it doesn’t seem to be working out. When I deep condition I alter between a moisturizing conditioner one week and a protein based the following week. I was thinking that maybe I should purchase the Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair. My hair is colored treated so I think my hair needs all the protein it can get, but its also natural and from my knowledge natural hair doesn’t need protein that much. I just hope my hair is not protein sensitive and I don’t get protein overload if I start to use all a lot of it. I was thinking about trying a hard protein before I start using all protein based products. Maybe that can reduce the breakage dramatically and I do own the Aphogee 2 step and Nexxus Emergence. I tried the Nexxus once before but that really didn’t reduce much and that’s…

I Reached A Goal; YAY!

I just came to a realization that I reached my goal of growing my bangs to chin length. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of my bangs before so I don’t remember how short they were. If my bangs had grown, the rest of my hair should had at least grown an inch. But I’m going to be getting that trim pretty soon. Health over length is what’s more important the length will eventually come. Anyway I created some goals that I’m trying to achieve here there are:

Decrease Hair Breakage
Eliminate Frizzy Ends
Achieve Full BSL By Spring
Stay Committed To My Regimen
Learn To Self Trim (Most Difficult)

Updated Hair Regimen

Sundays – Wash Days
Hot Oil TreatmentShampooConditionDeep Condition 1hr mixed with oilsApply Leave In’sRollerset & Flat IronWrap HairThursday & Friday – Cowash Days
Cowash Deep Condition for 35-45mins (Except Friday) Apply Leave In’sAir Dry 75%Then Section Hair & BraidExtras:
M&S 1-2x A DayClarify 1x MonthHeavy Protein Every 6 Weeks

First Roller set

Today well on November 6 I started my first rollerset and for a first time I wasn’t expecting great results and was expecting to have some flaws. Which I did! I started the whole washing and all that process at around 10p.m and just finished everything at 3:00 a.m. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures I was way to tired. This is the process that  I did :

1. I cowash with Herbal Essence Long Term
2. Then deep condition with Aussie 3min mixed with evoo,evco and jojoba oil. Left that on for almost an hour
3. Rinsed, Applied Leave In’s (John Frieda Frizz Ease & CON Strengthen and Shine Spray) and proceed to rollerset. Here my experience :

When I had gotten out the shower from washing out the deep conditioner I wrapped my hair with the towel and then blot it till it was a bit damp. I applied my 2 leave in’s. Once I was done with that I don’t even know what happen! My hair got so frizzy and quickly got dry I don’t know where I went wrong (I believe it could have been the heater in my room). As…

Starting Again !

Today I decided to give my hair some TLC. I did my first ever hot oil treatment with EVOO but I don’t really know what results I’m suppose to get from hot oil treatments. Though it is my first time doing it I’m not expecting any results that quickly. I’m going to start doing hot oil treatments weekly as a pre-poo. I think I have an allergic reaction to evoo, not really sure. Every time I apply this to my hair my face starts to itch. But I had test it on my arm to really see if I were but I didn’t get any itched feeling. I only start itching, on my face, when I apply it to my hair even when I use it as a sealant. After I had rinsed out the oil I shampooed my hair with Elasta QP Crème Conditioning. Will put a review once I have a good opinion on it. But by first impressions it did an okay job. Made my hair feel really soft but I wasn’t able to detangle from what I thought I will be able to. Then when I was done with that I deep condition my hair with a deep conditioner that I had laying…

Update !

There really not much to update on. Ever since school started I haven’t been following my hair regimen, instead I go to the salon to get my hair done weekly. (Ugh I hate going to the salon!)Being that I just started my regimen over the summer and then starting school in the fall as a full time student I haven’t had the time or energy to do my hair. But I’m planning on getting back to taking care of my hair and also making a new regimen that I can follow weekly. I planning to get my ends cut, since I haven’t had a trim since July, some time this week (will post pictures) I’m thinking on doing the Aphogee treatment pretty soon because I have been experiencing major breakage :(. I recently purchased the Gold N’ Hot Jumbo Bonnet Dryer and I’m excited to try it out. I also purchased Elasta QP Crème Condition Shampoo && Intensive Conditioner. Haven’t yet tried it out but planning on it. I decided not to relax my hair because I notice that I’m getting bored of my straight hair and al…