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Spring (BLOG) Haul ! !

I’m thinking about expanding my blog a little more into more beauty and fashion related. So I decided to start blogging my hauls as well. I hope I don't offend anyone and I just want to open up more and bring more to my blog. I did a little shopping this weekend, getting my spring wardrobe ready. I just wanted to share a few pieces that I purchase from a few stores.
Starting with Bath & Body Works : I purchased 5 fragrance mist. They were having a buy 3 get 2 free so I decided to stock up on their fragrances. Also got this cute cosmetic bag that came with three mini lotions.

Hair Goals For 2012 (Late Post)

I made a decent list of my goals that I want to achieve for this year and I'm also doing monthly challeneges just to make my journey abit more interesting and I know a month isn't long enough to see results in anything but there would be times where I would extend it to two months.

My Goals:
1. Stick to my products! I'm always going out buying new products and instantly adding them into my hair. Doing this doesn't help me figure out what my hair needs or wants. Just leaves me a big mess on trying to figure out what went wrong or what was good.

2. Learn to love my curls I have a love - hate relationship with them. Its just so complicated dealing with my hair being that its so thick and curly, but I do love my curls.

3.Try to do more protective styles. To be honest I don't even understand what protective styling is or even how what styles you can use. All I know is putting in a weave and I'm on the fence of doing that (Might try it out)

4. I don't have a s…