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Wash Day

[1] I did a hot oil treatment with grape seed oil & avocado oil.
[2] I rinsed the oil out and shampooed with a clarifying shampoo. I decided on using this type of shampoo because I went swimming. I applied it directly on my scalp and massaged it in allowing the suds to go down the strands.
[3] Followed up with a rinse out conditioner just to aid in detangling. I used the Suave Shea & Almond conditioner. Not much of a fan for this conditioner.
[4] I toweled dried my hair and applied Aunt Jackie In Control deep conditioner. I then slather grape seed oil on top of that and covered with two plastic caps. I ended up taking a nap and had left the deep conditioner in for 2 hours. I rinsed and my hair felt amazing soft hair. I already love this deep conditioner but adding the grape seed oil made it a lot better.
[5] I rinsed it out and applied my It's a 10 Leave in. I did not use anything to style my hair just that and did two twist. My hair feels really soft and looks fluffy and will…