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Hair Update l Unbearable Breakage

I have been having the hardest time with my hair lately. Every time I wash it there is always a end result of a ton of breakage. I don't know if its because my hair needs more moisture or protein. I had done a protein treatment last week that turned out horrible. Okay so I know that I am protein sensitive and have low porosity but I just felt that my hair needed protein badly. I haven't done a protein treatment in months! So I thought that this was what my hair needed. I went out that day and I had purchased the ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I didn't know if this was consider a medium or light protein, still not sure but that's what I had used. I applied it to my hair exactly the way the bottle had said to do it, 15 minutes with heat. Went in the shower rinsed came out with rough hair not to rough but it felt brittle. I then deep condition with my HE Hello Hydration for 30 mins without heat. Rinsed out the conditioner and nothing. My hair was not even close to feeling soft, moisturized or tangle free. I was annoyed with myself but I just felt like my hair may had needed protein. Did my breakage stop? Nope still breaking.

I had also notice that when I co wash my hair or apply any type of conditioner (currently herbal essence conditioner) its not moisturizing my hair or giving me any slip. Detangling is becoming harder then it usually is. Herbal Essence was my favorite conditioner at a point but now its not doing anything for my hair. I'm just really lost at this part of my journey.

Well since it is spring break I have decided to devote my time, not only to studying, but really understanding my hair on what it needs and trying to figure out what really works. I understand the whole lo-po thing so I plan to put that in effect this week. Maybe I just need to clarify my hair? Get rid of some build up maybe I'm not really sure.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been keeping up with my JBCO routine surprisingly and its going well. Can't wait to see my end results. I hope this breakage doesn't effect my results from this challenge that would really suck!


  1. Before discovering that my hair had low porosity, I was exactly where you are. My hair was breaking so I automatically thought it needed protein (the ORS hair mayo is considered a medium protein) but the protein only made it worse. What you will find with LP hair is that moisture is the key. The dryness is causing the breakage not a lack of strength. Does the Hello Hydration have cones? That could be the issue. Try clarifying and using a cone and protein free (or one with very little protein) DC with heat for at least an hour. Once you rinse, leave a bit in and rinse with warm water. Afterwards, use a moisture based leave in, preferably one without cones and protein, and airdry. Whenever your hair is feeling dry, try spraying it with water and sealing it with a light oil. If you need help, please shoot me an email: I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. HTH!

    1. I would be sending you an email :) thanks .

  2. Sounds like you need to up your moisture!

    1. Yeah that's something I need to work on. Just hard to find moisture products that are protein free.


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