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From Google Reader To Bloglovin ...

So tomorrow is the day that Google Reader will be officially gone. Which means that all the lovely blogs that you are currently following will be lost and I have a way that you can continue following me, as well as the other great blogs that you love to read. I'm pretty sure that you all heard by now that Bloglovin is the way to go. If you are going to be using something completely different then bloglovin then by all means continue. But I have become a true fan of Bloglovin. What I love about the site is not only am I following blogs that I love to read I'm able to find so many more through that one site which has shown me all the other blogs out there. Also if you have a iPhone or iPad the app is really great I love using the app on my iPad. (Not sure about droid though). So ladies and if any gents out there come follow me on bloglovin I know I have 44 readers on here and I currently have 22 on bloglovin so the other 22 what are you guys waiting for my link below and come j…

JBCO Challenge Recap

Where do I start? 
The challenge was from March 18 - June 18th that was hosted on It was a great challenge to participate in and I enjoyed it. I decided to use the oil as a prepoo, to oil my scalp as well as adding some to my deep conditioners. I can admit there were some days that I would forget to apply this oil but when I remember trust me it was being done. I did prepoo with the oil for the entire challenge except in June, started to get lazy with it. But prepooing with the oil and applying it to my scalp is what I mainly did. When I would pre poo I would heat up the oil and apply it to my scalp only leaving it in for 15 to 30 minutes only. As for using the oil on my scalp I did apply it starting from three times a week to everyday. I can admit there were times I would forget but it wasn't often. As for adding it to my deep conditioners that was only done once I didn't bother doing that.

My results I can't really complain about it. To me my before and a…

Wash Day

I had a really REALLY good wash day today. Something I haven't had in a really long time. The results I received were amazing. I had recently purchased two new products and ended up using them both. They were the Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque and the L'oreal Power Moisture Conditioner.

I started off with a clarifying shampoo because I needed to remove alot of build up that I had accumulated in the past weeks. I had decided on using a sample that I had from Miss Jessie it was called Sudsy Slip I think? But it was really good hair didn't feel dried out after using but I prefer the ORS Aloe Shampoo

I had then followed up with the Proclaim hair masque for an hour and a half. I used my Hair Therapy to get a good deep conditioning. My thoughts..Eh once it was rinsed out I had to follow up with a conditioner. Not that it was bad but I needed some slip to help detangle my hair

I then decided to use the L'oreal conditioner and as soon as I applied my tangles had m…

May Goals Rundown

Better late then never 
1.Keep Hair Detangle Easy Peasy since my hair has been straight the entire month. Every morning I would detangle my hair and if I weren't doing anything that day I would put it up into a bun. This help keep tangles away . During wash day it was easy to detangle with the new hair tool I had purchased. Keeping hair detangle was set and done :) ✔
2. Drinking Water  I literally drank water all month over the limit I decided to set. I drank a cup in the morning and another at night before bed. Through out the day I drank more then expected, about 5 cups. It was easier then I thought especially when you make it the first and last drink of your day. ✔
3. Search & Destroy Method Did it once and it is very time consuming, but I didn't do my entire head mainly the front. Haven't had a trim in a long time since I needed to stay away from scissors but I'm considering to get one soon. ✖
4. Pay Closer Attention to My Hair Yeahhh. Didn't really happen was busy…

Quick Update

Ahhhh... I have been gone for too long but I had finished finals two weeks and I dedicated my time to studying for them for the month on May literally & I did great btw :)). Which is why there were barely any post during this month. Once finals were over I needed a break so I took some time for myself to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. 
Anyway I haven't been paying attention to my hair this month. I only washed my hair about two times but that was because I was using heat. Ugh I know I used heat! but only once every two weeks. I also decided to take a trip to the salon because I got lazy with my hair this past week and I have a few occasions this weekend and I wasn't in the mood of doing my own hair. So I guess that I used heat three times then smh... 
Reason why I decided on using heat was because one it was finals and ain't nobody got time to be dealing with hair and secondly I'm getting tired of my natural hair. Nothing was working to Soften it up or…