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Getting Frustrated ! [Hair Rant]

Lately my roots have been giving me the hardest time when washing my hair or detangling. I guess this would be consider as "New Growth". I say that because my hair was colored few months ago back to black and unlike when I had my blonde color hair I was able to see the new growth, but since my hair is already black I can't really tell. My roots have been making my hair impossible to wash.

Not only is it my roots though but the length of my hair been acting up to. When I wash my hair with any conditioner it does not seem to soften up my new growth or make my hair manageable. It becomes a struggle to detangle my hair my fingers let alone a wide tooth comb. I then follow up with a deep conditioner but that still won't do much even if I applied it as if it were a relaxer, roots first, it still doesn't help. I honestly don't know what to do. My hair just hasn't be responding well to anything it just becomes rough. I came up with a concoction using herbal essen…

Wash Day

This week washday (5-05) I ended up doing a rollerset something I wasn't planning to do just yet but I haven't gotten any good luck with twist outs or cowash days lately. So I just decided to straighten my hair so I won't have to deal with my hair for a week. I also used different products this time around since nothing else has been working for me. 

Prepoo with JBCO on scalp & grapeseed oil on the lengths of my hair. 
Shampoo with Creme of Nature Argan Oil lathers up very well for a sulfate free shampoo. 
I then did a VERY light protein treatment. I mean if you would consider it a protein treatment.. I put mane & tail deep moisturizing conditioner and left it on for two minutes. When I rinsed it out my hair felt really soft and I enjoyed the results. Hair was able to be detangled very well. (This is my first time trying this product since I was scared to use because it contains proteins) 
I then deep condition for 30 minutes with heat using the Bee Mine Beautiful.…