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Wash Day

1. I detangled prior to washing and then started with clarifying my hair with my Suave Clarifying Shampoo, I know that I just clarified last week but I was in the pool and I needed to get the chlorine out my head. I was surprisingly able to detangle my hair easily I guess maybe cause I saturated my hair with conditioner before I went into the pool and then rinsed my hair at the pool. 
2. I Then follows up with my co-rinse so that I can finger detangle more. I used the Suave Shea Butter & Almond conditioner. The first time I had used this Conditioner was as a Co-wash and it didn't help with detangling or making my hair feel moisturized so I left it alone, for a long time. This time around I decided to use it again and my hair was loving it. I was able to finger detangled and my hair was feeling all types of moisturized and soft. Going to try this as a co wash again this week.
3. I then saturated my deep conditioner which is a mini sample size of silk elements moisturizing deep co…

2 Years On My Journey !

I have been on my hair journey (on & off again) for two years. I hope the on and off can still count. I don't feel as accomplish as many other girl who hit the two year mark. The ones that have cut off all damaged ends off and have a head full of curls, but hopefully I get there. I didn't start from relaxed hair & I didn't have any sort of big chop I was already a "natural" with a flat iron obsession. I did have some trial and error from protein problems to having a weave problem.

What Have I Accomplished: 
1. Using less heat!  I use to use heat every week to almost every other day it was horrible. But when I started my journey I barely used it. I would use it twice a month to once a month. Even though it was not eliminated completey I chilled out with it plus I started using heat protectant and learning to rollerset
2. Protective Styling I bun my hair literally an entire semester and after that I was a bun addict. Bunning is so cliche in the hair world …

Wash Day (7/7)

It feels good to have a clean scalp especially since I haven't washed my hair in almost two weeks! Yeah I know slacker/gross! My hair needed a good wash and some moisture back into it. Also I just came from the beach and even though I wasn't in the water the elements could of been harsh on my hair ex.sun. 
I started off with clarifying my hair since I haven't washed my hair in awhile. Needed to get rid of product build up and plus its the beginning of the month. I used my suave clarifying shampoo, I would say I do prefer the ORS aloe shampoo but I have yet to buy a full size. 
I proceeded to conditioning my hair because it was very much needed. I used my L'oreal Power Moisture conditioner and saturated my hair with the product so I can detangle my hair with my fingers instead of a comb. So easy to detangle my hair with this conditioner I love it. 
Followed up with my deep conditioner which is the Bee Mine D/C. I didn't wear my heating cap or leave in on for hours. I j…