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2 Week Update .

Today makes it 2 weeks since I got my Lola Hair installed. What can I say about this hair.  So far I am not loving it but not hating it either. Since it is a body wave texture I would assume that it needs a lot of attention and moisture. My biggest issue with the hair is the ends. They are the driest part of the hair and no matter what I use on it nothing seems to help. I used what was recommended which was a Chi serum that did not work. I used Organix coconut serum still nothing. I then purchased the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil and it was still dry. I even spritz It's a 10 leave in. Nothing has yet to work. Since this is the second week I will be washing my hair and the extensions this weekend. Hopefully with a deep conditioner it will feel a lot better. Also the ends since they are slightly curled they do tangled up quite a lot, but that is expected with curly hair so I am not complaining.

As for my natural hair I have been using the same spritz that I used before which was the C…

Lola's Hair Extensions

The hair that I purchased is from Lola's Hair Company. I purchased a 16 inch and 18 inch in Malaysian Body wave. It cost $145 and when you add shipping it was an additional $20. The shipping was really fast. I placed my order Monday night and received my hair Thursday which was great. When I received the hair each bundle was packaged in a separate plastic bag. Once I open the packaging I had ran my finger through the 18 inch and it was very soft and had no smell. I also received two cards on how to maintain the hair and also a bundle deal. I also got this little pink baggy that is lined with silk. I will be using this bag once I remove the hair. I did color the hair to a soft black and color took very well. I do notice that this hair does have split ends which sucks but I did put heat on it to see how well it straightens. So far so good, minimal shedding and again low maintenance. I did not get a chance to take a photo of the natural texture but once I wash it I sure will, hopefu…

Protective Style (Sew-In) Again!

For the month of March I have not been that good to my hair. I straighten my hair twice ! Something I rarely do. I haven't done much with my hair, which is why I haven't posted anything. I did co wash twice last week and deep condition as well. I used a new deep conditioner that I had in my stash. I decided to finally try it out because of a YouTube video I saw. That deep conditioner was really good, but that was my first time trying it so I can not say a lot on it yet. So for my protective style it will be a sew in again and I'm getting it installed this week ! I spoke about this in my previous update and wanted to give my hair a months break, sort of. I have already purchased the hair which I will share soon (Lola Hair Company). I am going to do my normal wash day prior to the install, which will be this Friday. I am not going to put any heat on my hair though. I plan to do a roller set and then blow out ONLY the roots, then wrap my hair. I want to do a light trim to my …