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Hair Talk .

I am so happy that the build up is gone. I'm hoping that my products would finally be able to penetrate my hair shafts. Before I had clarified I was trying to cowash my hair which didn't work out. But now that the build up has been removed I'm looking forward to cowashing my hair again. I have always cowashed my hair. Seriously cowashing is what help me reach the length I am and I can't forget my buns. I love to cowash I swear by them.

I'm planning to keep a sulfate shampoo in my regimen because since Lo-Po hair can get build up quickly I want to thoroughly clean my scalp. Since I had removed my weave I was only using a sulfate free shampoo. I also feel that a sulfate shampoo would be needed since I am on the JBCO challenge and that oil is pretty thick and can possibly clog my hair pores a sulfate shampoo would be needed.

I am also thinking about looking into cone free products (If possible). I just want to avoid anything that would cause my hair to get any build up quickly and since cones are known for that why not eliminate them. I don't know though. Trying to find products without cones is difficult especially in the drugstore. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I'm also needing a moisturizer without any cones or protein but until then I would just be using water and a oil to seal it in. Oil of choice lately has been my grapeseed oil. It makes my hair look so shiny and it doesn't make my twist out look oily.

I purchase a few mini bottles for traveling purposes. Hate carrying my full size products they take up so much room in my bag. I found a deep conditioner that is protein free! The beautiful textures rapid repair deep conditioner, with a name like that I would think protein. I can't wait to try this out. Also my order from curlmart has finally shipped I'm so excited to get my items!

Anywho I hope everyone enjoys there Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter hope you enjoy your Sunday :)


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