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Guess What !?

I think I was never suffering from protein overload. My hair just wasn't retaining any of the moisture because I had product build up. I had realized that I wasn't clarifying my hair monthly and I was barely using a shampoo. Also there were days that I didn't co-wash my hair. So my hair just had so much product in it that it wasn't letting anything else in (From what I think).

On Sunday I think it was I had shampoo my hair with a mini sample of HE Hello Hydration Shampoo. From there I had use the HE Hello Hydration conditioner as well (The conditioner was already purchase before I posted my haul). My hair was feeling all types of great! I was able to detangle easily and felt the slip the conditioner had given to my hair. Once I was done I had T-Shirt dry and apply my NTM Leave - In. I braid my hair into two braids and went to bed. The next morning my hair felt SOOOO Soft and Moisturized ! Even my Boyfriend told me how soft my hair was (I would typically rant to him abo…