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Giving Weave A Try | Update

I have been thinking about changing my hair a lot recently from the color to deciding if I want to relax it. I just been bored with my hair and I have been trying to do as many natural styles but its either I can't do it, doesn't come out right or it doesn't look right on me. I don't want to manipulate my hair anymore. I'm done with experimenting with color on my own hair and I don't want to continue putting heat on my hair just to cause damage. Soooooo I been thinking about trying out weave? I been looking into it for awhile but now I'm doing my research on it. I don't see any harm in getting weaves what so ever. I can color it and put heat on it I can also pick different textures. Only thing that's holding me back is that awkward feeling of people knowing your actual length and then the next day your hair is down your back lol. But I can get over it I think. This would be a great protective style and I'm hoping it can last for at least 3 month…