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Hair Haul !

Today I went out to purchase some conditioners. I was running low and decided I needed to stack up before I ran out completely. I also pick up some JBCO just to try it out and see what the hype was all about. Also got ORS Intense Moisture Crème & what I can say about this product so far (being that I did use it already) It is very thick and I would recommend this for the winter months for sure. Needed some more plastic caps for my deep conditioning and everything else you may use it for.
Suave Humectant conditioner has to be my favorite moisturizing conditioner for Co-washing. I absolutely love this conditioner and would also use it for deep conditioning if I need to. Same for my Aussie 3 Minute. Both these are now consider to be my STAPLE products.
Prices :

John Frieda Frizz Ease Repairing Conditioner - $4.99

Suave Humectant Moisture Conditioner - $1.29

Aussie 3 Min - $3.99

Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor - $7.49

JBCO - $7.99

ORS Creme Sample - $1.00

Plastic Caps - 10 for $1.00

Update !

I have been so busy with my spring semester and so much has been going on my life. I miss blogging I really do and plan to get back on it  regularly once my semester is over (3 weeks left). Anyways I have done some major changes to my hair and when I say major I mean it. I decided to change my hair color once again! I know very damaging ands that not even the bad part I decided to also bleach my hair. Biggest hair mistake I have ever done. I always sworn to myself that I would never bleach my hair but felt like I had no choice to (Which I did). So now my hair color is a color that I really don’t like and now I want to change it again! But no time soon my hair really needs a break. So with the damage that I done to my hair I had upper the intake of protein to my hair. Thinking about doing a light protein twice a week then the regular once a week. Going to use of course Aphogee 2 Min for this since it is my favorite light protein that I have come across. Yesterday was wash day and I dec…