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Wash Day | Extension Take Down

Wash Day Natural

[1] Once the extensions were all removed I left the hair in the braids and applied my oils. I applied grapeseed oil and jojoba oil thoroughly on the braids. I decided to leave this on for 30 minutes so that it can loosen the braids and help with the detangling process.
[2] While the oil was in my hair I began to detangled after the 30 mins. Detangling was fairly in between. It took me 3 hours to detangled and get all the shed hairs out. I had a lot of shed hairs, a big handful of hair maybe even more since I did not accurately measure it.
[3] I then followed up with ORS Aloe Shampoo. I shampooed in four sections and directly on my scalp. It felt pretty good to be honest to wash my hair properly. 
[4] I decided to do a light protein treatment. The ORS Replenishing Pak, I left it on for about 10 minutes while in the shower. So no heat was used. My hair felt pretty strong but a bit hard so I decided to use my Aussie conditioner. This helped to loosen the "stiffness". 
[5] Followed up with my Aunt Jackie deep conditioner leaving that on for 30 minutes. I don't know how I feel about this conditioner because for some reason it gave me a different result then usual. After rinsing the d/c out I wrapped my hair in my turbie twist
[6] I applied only the Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave in and sealed that in with my grape seed oil.

Overall my wash day was pretty good. I did not style so my hair was a hot mess the next day. I cannot believe how much hair that was coming out. I don't feel that it was breakage because it was just coming out loosely and in long strands. I am really not sure how to know if you have breakage when you have a sew in take down. I also noticed that I have HEAT DAMAGE !! Ughhhh, the front portions pretty much look straight. I always felt I had serve heat damage but no all those times were wrong. Those pieces did not curl up at all. Just really loose and straight. I used heat protectant each and every time I used heat. I guess I was just using to much heat.

Well now its 24/7 TLC for my hair now.


  1. Hey Mercedes! I'd say give your hair a few days to rest before you diagnose yourself with extreme breakage or heat damage. After I straighten my hair, I've noticed that my hair stays a bit straighter/sleeker/smoother for a few wash days before it curls back up to normal.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. That's a relief, thanks girl I really hope it's not.

  2. Thanks Mercedes, I have my hair in a protective style at the moment because it's winter in SA at the moment. I am going to try this when I take them down, even though not all the products you have are available in SA.


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Wash Day

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