Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Final Update | Lola's Hair Extensions

So I had my Lola's hair extensions installed for now a little longer then expected. Take down is this week and to be honest I am nervous. But that is for another post. Here my review of what I think on this hair.
Here is a brief stats of the hair:

Purchased - Lola's Hair 
Extensions - Malaysian Body Wave
Lengths - 16 inch & 18 inch
Price - $165 which I purchased myself 

Holds Curl's -  had spoke on how it was difficult to blend my natural hair to the curl pattern of the extensions. I decided to stop straighten the hair as well as mines and just curl my hair with a curling wand. By me doing that my hair blended a lot better with the extensions. The extension never dropped there curls. I decided to now use flexi rods to persevere my curls. Days that I did not use a flexi rod at night I still woke up to nice loose waves. 

Never lost it's Luster - The hair has a very lustrous look to it which is what made it hard to blend.

Softness- The hair is still relatively soft to the touch. But if you do not comb it then it starts to feel not rough but not soft if that makes any sense.

Shedding- In comparison to previous installs very minimal to no shedding. During wash day there were times I had a clump of weave come out. I am not sure what that means. But it also happen when I was outside and all I did was run my fingers through my hair. It was not a every time I run my fingers it just happened twice.

Took Color - Although I just color it black it still took and held on to the color.

Reverted - After every wash which was a big deal for me. Even after using a bit of heat it always returned to it's natural texture.

Straightens Okay - I was not sure to put this as a con or pro. It easily straighten but it took a few passes if I wanted to get it bone straight. I stop flat ironing because it was to time consuming and blending ended up looking weird to me only because the extension look more lustrous compared to my leave out

Tangling - A lot of tangling when my hair was curled but I believe that what is expected with curled hair. It was not bad tangling that your hair would get stuck. It was just hair getting tangled. Which this was not a con for me just a expected thing.

It was hard blending because it has a lustrous appearance. I had prefer to curled my hair then flat ironing it blended a lot better. This is not a negative for the hair more so for myself.

I like the hair but was not in love with it. I did not like the fact of how blending was so challenging. But this has more to do with the amount of leave out that my stylist left. I would recommend using it as a full wig, using a lace closure or a u-part wig with very little leave out. The hair is amazing though and last very long. It was more enjoyable when I started curling it. So far I have had tried Beauty Supply weave, Aliexpress & now Lola's hair. I am still learning about this whole weave thing and I do enjoy a sew in. Will I be getting another one ? Maybe but for right now I am going to be catering to my natural hair. Take down will either be Thursday or Friday. I'm so nervous and do not know what to be expecting. Take down is the scariest part of a sew in to me lol. I'll be posting on my take down/wash

This review is based off my experience and feelings about the hair. 


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  2. I wish you posted a photo of your hair extension before you took it down. I bet it looked great on you. I hope your experience with hair extensions persuaded you to give it another shot. Anyway, thank you for your honest review, and stay fabulous!

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