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Am I Protein Sensitive ?

I had recently purchased Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor and The Keratin & Green Tea leave in. I felt that my hair was in desperate need of some protein being that it was breaking a lot and because I thought my hair was going through moisture overload. Every time I washed it, my hair will feel way to mushy and soft. So today I decided to try the products and my results weren’t so good. This is what I did :
Shampoo with my Neutrogena Triple Moisture & then condition with the Aphogee conditioner. On the bottle it says to either leave it on for 2 or 5 minutes. I don’t know how long I left it in being that I was in the shower, but I do know that I didn’t leave in on for long because I didn’t know the time and I was to nervous having this product in my hair. I want to say it had to be at least 4 minutes that it was in my hair. Once I rinsed it out my hair felt AMAZING! My hair felt so strong and thick. I was just blown away at how good my hair felt. Usually my hair feels like mush and overly soft but these results I never felt. Anyways as I was rinsing all that came to a STOP, my hair started to feel a bit hard. I literally had to be rinsing for at least 10 minutes but nothing. So I applied my deep conditioner which is Giovanni smooth as silk mixed with my oils. I put in 2 Tbsp. of Evco & 1 Tbsp. of Evoo. Left that in for 30 minutes and when I rinsed that out my hair still was stiff and hard. Plus when I was trying to detangle so much hair was coming out it was crazy. I started to apply my leave in hoping it would make my hair softer. I used S-curl, CON Argan oil and like a dummy I used the keratin and green tea spray. As of right now my hair is in two twist air drying ; I would post the final results. I think my hair is protein sensitive because I have the Cantu Shea butter leave in and when I put that in my hair, my hair starts to feel a bit stiff. I’m going to try it again maybe in another 2 or 3 weeks just so that I know that my hair doesn’t like protein.

** UPDATE 7/24
Didn't think I needed a whole new post on this. The results from yesterday wash came out to be pretty good. My hair feels very soft and isn't breaking as much as before. Yesterday was my first time EVER using a conditioner or any type of protein besides Cantu Shea Butter in my hair. I may have over reacted or just didn't expect that to happen. I'm still learning the whole moisture and protein balance. I'm planning on using the Aphogee 2 Min again probably on my next wash day just to see what results I get and to get a hang of this protein thing, maybe I should had deep condition longer. Well I'm learning =)


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