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Today I’m going to be coloring my hair BUT with a different color then I was planning to. Which you seen in the pervious post. I’m going to be coloring my hair honey blonde. I know a big jump from my pervious color. I was convinced to do this. I never done this color before or ever had a thought about it. I had done a full copper color which was similar to this color but with slight red undertones in it and it came out pretty nice. What I’m nervous about is if this color will damage my hair, yeah I know that anything with chemicals will damage your hair. What I mean is I had read just a few maybe like 3 ladies talk about how they had seen serious damaged from using a color that was as light as this. I don’t know I just think if I take care of my hair properly then everything will go good. I believe that you can have healthy color treated hair when you know how to take care of it. I’m also nervous that my hair won’t pick up the color being that its so light and the color I have now is pretty dark. Lets just hope everything goes good Smile


  1. That is the same EXACT one that I got a year ago. My friend and I tried to do it and it came out to a reddish tint. Guess I didn't keep it in long enough! And it's the reason I did the big chop. Hopefully it goes well for you, because I had no idea what I was doing!


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