Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Install | 2 Week

It has been two weeks since I had got my hair installed. I did not write an first impression review when I had received my hair. But to give you some details on it. My hair was purchased on Aliexpress and the vendor was Rosa Hair Products. I purchased 3 bundles of the Malaysian body wave in 14-16-18 for $136. Free shipping and it was decent. I order my hair late Thursday night and received it Tuesday. Packaging was normal. The bundles were in their individual plastic bags. The hair was very soft and there was no shedding what so ever. There was a scent to the hair, like a barbie hair smell is the best I can compare it to. Not smelly but an annoying smell.

I colored all three bundles a soft black because they were more of a brown black hair color. I then washed the bundles and the smell was still in the hair not as noticeable but it was there. I then decided to wash it again to see if the smell would completely disappear even did a ACV rinse lol. It was now a faint smell. I applied my Creme of Nature Leave In and that had did the trick.

2 Weeks later there is no smell and the hair is holding up great. I have curled the hair and it holds a curl amazing. I have very minimal shedding about one strand will come out. The hair is very low maintenance to me. All I have to do is comb through it and go. When I had first washed the hair the body wave was not noticeable it pretty much went away. So for my upcoming wash day (since I decided to wash every two weeks) I will see if it returns or if its gone. So far so good. (sorry for the bad pics)

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  1. wow in the pic the bodywave appears as if you flat ironed it, not even a slight wave. the back view is lovely though keep us informed whether that wave comes back. im anxious as i too have a bodywave which i have yet to wash and install.


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