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Chit Chat ; Protective Styling

Upart #FAIL
Last year around this time I had decided to do a protective style which was a sew in. I had a bad experience with it only because I was not able to maintain my real hair the way I had plan to. This year once again I plan to get another sew in. I know I had a previous horror story about the amount of shedding along with the breakage I was receiving once I had took the sew in out. But I understand what I had done wrong and this time around I'm pretty sure there will be more success *fingers cross. Instead of keeping the sew in for 3 months I'm planning to keep it in shorter, depending on how I feel my hair is doing. I originally wanted to do a upart wig which I had created but it came out wrong. My fold over method did not turn out right and for some reason I had sewn the hair on the cap wrong. I did not sew all the way to the front, causing the wig to look ridiculous lol. I also did not have enough hair to cover the entire cap. But I will definitely give it a try when I take my sew in down. I would rather do a Upart wig but my first attempt was a fail and my birthday is in just a few days so I don't want to be taking any chance.

What I plan to do when I get my sew in:
1. Create a moisturizing spirtz to keep my braids moisturized of course.
2. Use a nozzle bottle when washing my hair so I can reach my hair.
3. Use a light oil on the ends of the weave  Recently read this can cause the weave to become weigh down and greasy. Making you wash the weave more often then necessary 

Prior to getting my sew in I think I want to get half or a full inch taken off, but that is not set in stone. I do plan to do a light protein treatment to strengthen my hair, along with doing a roller set. I also want to do a black hair rinse but I think I will be doing to much to my hair. I plan to post a photo of my current length just to show where I was at the start of this year.


  1. Good luck, I'm scared of weaves for the reasons you described i.e. not being able to get to my real hair!

    Mixed Hair

    1. I know I would had prefer to do a upart but that was a fail. I'm planning to keep it in for probably 6 weeks - 8 weeks max..

  2. Practice make perfect when creating a wig. Grab a seam splitter and you can cut the tracks in less than 5 mins to try it again. I rarely do weaves. I'm a certified wig lover. LOL I'm wigging it til march once I do my length check. I think my V is about an inch away from Hip Length

    1. I definitely need to practice some more and do plan to cut the tracks off the cap to redo it. Wow congrats are almost being hip length. Hopefully when I get this Upart down pack that will be my go to protective style and I'll be close to my long term goal

  3. Another protective style is crochet braiding. I havent tried it but ive seen lots of vids on youtube. and how did the full picture of the wig come out? I had to makeshift mine out of a quakers oats box with a mold of my head make from a plastic bag and tape.

    1. I seen videos on youtube as well. The process seems really complicated and long. The wig came out all wrong mainly at the top.


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