Thursday, June 20, 2013

JBCO Challenge Recap

Where do I start? 

The challenge was from March 18 - June 18th that was hosted on It was a great challenge to participate in and I enjoyed it. I decided to use the oil as a prepoo, to oil my scalp as well as adding some to my deep conditioners. I can admit there were some days that I would forget to apply this oil but when I remember trust me it was being done. I did prepoo with the oil for the entire challenge except in June, started to get lazy with it. But prepooing with the oil and applying it to my scalp is what I mainly did. When I would pre poo I would heat up the oil and apply it to my scalp only leaving it in for 15 to 30 minutes only. As for using the oil on my scalp I did apply it starting from three times a week to everyday. I can admit there were times I would forget but it wasn't often. As for adding it to my deep conditioners that was only done once I didn't bother doing that.

My results I can't really complain about it. To me my before and after look exactly the same. For some reason my before picture makes my hair look as if it were thicker but that wasn't the case. I had just took off my weave and was dealing with thin hair which is the reason why I decided to join the challenge, beside the growth. I feel that my hair now is more thicker then before especially towards my roots. I feel that the oil helped my hair grow because of how my roots were acting. I say that because I felt my roots were more curlier then my hair and they also were very thick. I describe it as when someone is dealing with "new growth" hopefully that makes sense, I have a post on it. I also feel that my hair wasn't able to retain the length is could had received because I was dealing with a lot of breakage, which I also wrote about. But anyway I enjoyed the challenge and wouldn't mind going on another. I might even do my own personal one for the summer eh who knows.



  1. I'm in for a Castor oil challenge! Maybe that will remind me to use it!

    1. You should try a personal one that last till the end of the summer. Just be consistent and you would get great results


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