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April Goals Rundown & May Goals

1. Perfect a Twist/Braid Out - Almost There
I tried different products for achieving a defined twist out some days were good others were bad. I learned that I can get a really good twist out on second day hair & I did retwist my hair nightly cause doing the pineapple method did not work.. Using Grapeseed Oil & water is my favorite combination to get a almost perfect twist out. Also allowing the hair to dry before putting it up in my bonnet. If I don't I would wake up with bent looking twist which always ruins the look of my braid outs..

2. Baggy 2x Week
I baggy 2x a week the first week the second week once and after that stop. I noticed that bagging my ends made them really soft and moisturized. I've added this to my regimen because it gave me great results. But instead of twice I just do it once a week with Grapeseed oil.

3. JBCO has been done everyday to every other day but it was done

4. Stay Away From Protein
For this entire month I had stood away from protein. I have been more focused on moisturizing products from shampoo to deep conditioner. Have I seen a difference in my hair YES! Does not feel dry or brittle feels soft and moisturized. But has my breakage stop NO, but it has been minimal.

May Goals

1.Keep Hair De tangle
If I don't detangle my hair or keep my hair separated it would start to mate up together and this is more so done on hair that has been in a bun for two days.

2. Drink Water
I use to drink water on a regular day to day basis but lately it's been something I rarely reach for. I need to cut back on soda and coffee start drinking water again at least 24oz (3Cups) daily can't be hard right ? I do believe that what you put inside reflects your outside. I pick 3 cups cause it's easier to start with

3.Pay CLOSER Attention to My Hair
I have been having the worst luck with my hair this entire month literally cowash days are always a disaster. I only had one or two successful wash days this entire month. Now for May I need to pay attention to what I might be doing wrong. I know this time around its not protein for sure and my hair feels moisturized so its not lacking moisture..

4. Search & Destroy Method
I'm not ready to get a trim just yet. My hair does have some spilt ends but not so much and just cutting them instead of a full trim is what I prefer to do right.


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