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Weave Thoughts So Far.....

First day I felt that the length was correct, the thickness was on point and the texture was great. But the next day (literally) I began to notice that this hair sheds like CRAZY! Omg never ending it just sheds and sheds and sheds . I read reviews that it shed but I didn't think it was this much. It's literally getting on my nerves. I would finger comb and there would be hair coming out. Tangling is insane as well. I don't know why it gets so tangled. When I comb out the tangles it just tangles back up in just minutes causing me to comb it resulting in more shed hair. I don't even do anything for it to get tangled up. It's ridiculous.

First Wash:
My first wash with the hair went good I thought it was going to be more difficult but I washed it like I would do my own hair. I first started with my hair that's braided. I used a bottle with a nozzle that was mix with tresemme Naturals Conditioner and Aussie 3 Min deep conditioner. I left that in my hair and proceeded to washing the weave. I did not use shampoo I just cowashed with Herbal Essence long term relationship & then deep condition with Aussie 3 Min Miracle Deep Conditioner. I left the deep conditioner that was on my real hair & weave for the remaining of the shower. I started to rinse the conditioner off my real hair first which was alil bit of a hassle but still went good. I then washed the weave & detangled. Weirdly there wasnt as much hair coming out compared to detangling the hair when its dry. Once out the shower I applied Elasta QP leave-In to my leave out & weave. I had noticed this beautiful defined curl from my real hair making me miss my curling hair. I was so surprised it curled like that as well. (Wish I took photos but this was done so late). I went under a hooded dryer to dry my braids before starting to style the hair. Flat Iron the hair, wrap it & went to bed. End results was good hair is still soft and silky.

Real Hair Regimen:
I apply Jamaican black castor oil every two days or when I remember.
For my leave out I don't M&S often because I don't wash the hair every week.
Heat only been used once that was on wash day.

Experience is going okay not great.....


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