Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 Week Update

So it has been already one month and two weeks since getting my hair installed. I have washed my install and hair underneath twice already and this week will be my third time. I didn't write a post on my second wash day because it was a late process. The hair always reverted back to it's original pattern which is a body wave. Being that I do not know how to blend my natural hair with the body wave I end up flat iron it. I always use a heat protectant on the weave and my leave out before I flat iron. It straightens very easily and the ends do not feel fry.  I have also curled the hair which it held the curl very nicely and lasted for three days.

The way I maintain the weave is just combing it before bed and either putting it in a high ponytail or bun. I sleep with a satin pillow case so I don't feel the need to wrap the hair with a scarf. A quick combing in the morning and my hair is good to go.

As for shedding it is very minimal but what I have notice is that a clump of the weave that is attached to the weft will come out. I hope that makes sense. But it has happen twice when I would comb the hair and I start from bottom to top. It has also happen during washing session.

I feel that I really like this hair. It still very soft and blends nicely when I flat iron. I am planning to keep this in for a maximum of three months, but if I want to remove it before then it would be at two and half months. I feel my natural hair is holding up well. I moisturize as often as I can with a watery leave in that I put in an applicator bottle for easier distribution since my natural hair is under a net. But there are times where I forget or feel lazy so I don't know if I should keep it in for three months. I honestly don't feel that my hair is in bad condition though. So I guess we will see how I feel when two months comes around. I just feel with the net it is really hard to tell whether or not I can go for another month. June 9th will make it 2 months.


  1. I wonder if using a light protein conditioner/leave in on your hair underneath would help you retain more length? Hmmm....just thinking aloud! Love your blog chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I use the Creme on Nature Strength & Shine Leave in here & there. My last sew in I used it once a week and it worked well. & Thanks :)


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