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2 Week Update .

Today makes it 2 weeks since I got my Lola Hair installed. What can I say about this hair.  So far I am not loving it but not hating it either. Since it is a body wave texture I would assume that it needs a lot of attention and moisture. My biggest issue with the hair is the ends. They are the driest part of the hair and no matter what I use on it nothing seems to help. I used what was recommended which was a Chi serum that did not work. I used Organix coconut serum still nothing. I then purchased the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil and it was still dry. I even spritz It's a 10 leave in. Nothing has yet to work. Since this is the second week I will be washing my hair and the extensions this weekend. Hopefully with a deep conditioner it will feel a lot better. Also the ends since they are slightly curled they do tangled up quite a lot, but that is expected with curly hair so I am not complaining.

As for my natural hair I have been using the same spritz that I used before which was the Curls Lavish Curls Moisturizing spritz. I am planning to purchase Oyin Handmade Juice Berries because the spritz on the Curls bottle is more of a straight spray not a mist like, if you get me. I have not used the Oyin spray leave-ins so I am hoping they have a mist. I also have a net over my braids so I need something that will spray easily. I have been itching a lot more then usual I am not sure why. But hopefully a wash will solve that. 


  1. Thats a real shame about the dry ends. It's great to hear an honest review though.

    1. Yeah I know & I will definelty write an honest review onces I remove the hair.

  2. wow, i always finf weaves are a hit or miss. Hope you DC fixes those dry ends!

    1. I'm hoping this hair gets better after this wash, currently drying my braids :D so I'll know by tomorrow how the ends turned out.


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