Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My 2nd Sew In Experience

The hair was purchased from Rosa Hair Products on Aliexpress. I purchased a 14-16-18 Malaysian Body wave for $136 with free shipping. I can honestly say that this hair was pretty good for the price, but there are a few pros and cons about the hair. Of course the price is really good for three bundles although I only used two.


- NO SHEDDING ! Omg I can tell a big difference from my first sew in (which I used Bobbi Boss Remi) to now. There was minimal to none it was amazing to me because my first sew in I had shedding like CRAZY! I felt "oh maybe it was because I had cut the wefts" but no. I cut the wefts for
this hair as well and minimal.

- Very natural looking. Although this is not yaki texture my leave out was very easy to blend with the hair. It did not look as if it were "weave" at least from the people that I spoke to. They actually believed it was my hair. 

- Of course the price was very good. Especially for someone that's on a budget.

- Holds curls very well. It lasted for at least 3 days beautifully 

- The Body wave never came back. I was hoping that after washing the weave I will get the natural body wave that it claimed the hair had. But it wouldn't dry into a body wave just straight

- The drying process is ridiculously long! I would sit under a hooded dryer for at least 25-30 minutes to dry my braids but to also dry the weave. When I would turn it off the weave will still be damp. This happen to me the first time I also washed the hair. It took over an hour for the bundles to have been dried. 

- The smell. I had thought my creme of nature product had done the trick but it ended up coming back. Although the smell is not horrible it was rather faint and it was just annoying. 

Also these are the two products that I had used to keep my braids moisturized. The Curls Lavish Curl Moisturizer felt like it was doing a pretty good job. I did not like how it was more of a straight spray then a mist like the Creme of Nature. I used the Curls three times a week and I did not use an oil.

The Creme of Nature I used once a week just as an added protein. I cant really tell if this combo was good for my hair. Being that it was my first time using the Curls and I know the Creme of Nature was good on my hair when I had it all out. My take down will be on Saturday which means I had this in for just a month and two weeks. I will also post on how my second take down will be.

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