Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back To Black

So I did it I color my hair black. I was expecting to get a more natural black but it came out more like a jet black in my opinion. I'm still not sure how I feel about going back to black but it would eventually grow on me. The process was pretty long between coloring, washing and roller setting.

Everything went well except when I tried to deep condition my hair with my macadamia natural masque it didn't do anything for my hair so I went back to my 3 min miracle mixed with some tresseme natural conditioner and my hair came out great.

I deep condition my hair for about 20 Mins under a hooded dryer. Once I rinsed out my deep conditoner I then applied my leave ins. I decided on using the Creme of Nature Strength & Shine Leave in and the Gloss & Shine Polisher. I never used these products together but when I did I got really great results. I haven't done a rollerset in a long time but I think I did okay, just okay.

My End Results.


  1. That tuned out nice I know you've probably already said it somewhere in your blog but how often do you clip your ends?


    1. Thanks and through out 2012 I was cutting my ends way to much maybe every 4 months or so. But this year I'm staying away from scissors. Going to be doing the search and destroy method

  2. Your hair is so beautiful! I'm so jelly!


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