Sunday, November 4, 2012

Current Length (After Self Trim)

This is the current length of my hair after I had attempted to doing a self trim. Here a better picture of the slight unevenness in my hair. I'm not planning to get it even until my birthday. (My shoulders look like I have shoulder pads for some reason lol). My hair has this fake wanna be V shape lol but it's whatever with patience my hair would be back to being even. My hair is now currently above my bra strap :( be cut from being below it.


  1. Your hair is gooorrrggeeeoooussss! Thickness, color, great healthy ends! LOVE!!

    1. Thanks ! I really try to take care of my hair especially since it's colored treated. Still learning as I go though. I love your hair as well! Its beautiful

  2. It looks beautiful and so healthy!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I really love the colour


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