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Hair Haul

Since I just gave myself a trim & hair is back to the length it's always at I decided that I needed to go back to what originally worked. Which was cowashing! So I went out picked up three conditioners (all purchases were done at different times). My hair loves the Herbal Essence line & I been really wanting to try out the Tresemme Naturals to see what's all the hype.& so far so good with this the Tresemme conditioner.

Also picked up two heat protectants. I purchased the Alterna one from Sephora for $23 dollars. Crazy right? But I saw the promising claims on the product & read on reviews so I decided why not? I used it on my last heat session so I can't say much on it yet. Now I know that using no direct heat is better then using heat but using no heat protectant is worst then not using anything. So I purchased it being I do use heat sometimes. As for the Tresemme protectant I recently came across this new one and I was hesitant to purchase it because I didn't like the heat tamer spray. I haven't used it yet to know if they are the same but knowing that u can use this as a leave- in heat protectant on damp hair and also using it on dry won me over. Extra protection doesn't hurt. I also purchased it because the Alterna is only a leave in heat protectant. As for the Triple Moisture this is my second bottle & I love using this as a leave in & a moisturizer. Last but no least the everstyle mousse. This product I used twice already and I don't know how I feel about it just yet so I can't say anything on it.


  1. I LOVE the tresemme conditioner. It is also awesome as a leave in for braid outs/twist outs/etc.

    1. I used it as a leave in & had let my hair dry naturally. My curls were soft & weren't as defined as I like but they were there. I'm going to use it as for a braid out & see how good it is.

  2. I have not used the tresemme conditioner before. but have heard pretty god things about the product! Nice post!

    I followed you would love if you followed back. I'm doing a giveaway once i reach 50 followers :)


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